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Costa Rica

  • Country of Origin – Costa Rica
  • Regions – Cartaga Province, Tres Rios, Costa Rica
  • Best Known Growers – La Isabella Estate
  • Altitude – 1,200 to 1,650 meters
  • Harvest – October to March
  • Milling Process – washed, naturally fermented, sun-dried
  • Aroma – intense, bright and fresh
  • Flavor – sweet, bright and clean with hints of citrusy lime
  • Body – medium body, mild
  • Acidity – lively and bright but not overpowering, medium-high

About the Costa Rican Coffee Bean

Costa Rica coffee beans are of the Arabica variety and are grown all over the country. The largest and most well-known coffee growing regions are Tarrazu and Monte Crisol, but there are many smaller regions dotted around this highly fertile, mountainous country. Our recommended Costa Rican coffee is from a particular estate in the Tres Rios coffee growing region.

Arabica plants were first introduced by the Spanish in the late 18th century, and although coffee is not a native plant of Costa Rica, it fast became there largest and only export for several decades. Coffee remains an integral part of Costa Rica’s economy.

Coffee was first introduced to Tres Rios in the 1820s, following its success in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. What really makes the coffee from this region stand out is its bright and sweet flavor with a citrus edge. If you’re a fan of the citrus notes in Tanzania beans, you should try Costa Rican peaberry coffee for its lime-like citrus flavors.

Medium roasts are best for this coffee bean to maintain that bright acidity without knocking out the sweet and fruity notes. Many Costa Rican coffee growers send their green beans straight off the USA for the milling process or send them to native processing plants before they’re shipped and roasted in the USA.